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Our Story


The Thirty Six Knots Story

Considered the oldest known carpet in the world, the Pazyryk carpet, discovered in the Altai Mountains in Siberia, showcased techniques indicating a long history of evolution and experience. This carpet had 36 symmetrical knots per inch², and each square frame was filled by x-shaped patterns. This craftsmanship and heritage is an inspiration in each of our unique, handmade area rugs.

As we pay respect to this long line of tradition, we’re also driven to push the boundaries of textile design. A collaboration between interior designers, graphic designers, and weavers in India, our rugs range from comfortable home accents to spectacular showpieces. They are a form of self expression, and an homage to artisans around the world who work to preserve tradition. Our goal with Thirty Six Knots is to support artisans, create stories of connection, and share our love of tradition, beauty, and design.



Tell us your story and leave the rest to us

A Thirty Six Knots custom design rug is a collaboration between you, our designers, and our weavers. Like commissioning an artist for a painting, we work together closely, so you can anticipate the outcome and trust our artists to deliver your masterpiece.

While many rug companies offer custom design, the process can be impersonal. You share your idea, colors are chosen, and artwork is presented for approval. At that point, you cross your fingers and wait for your rug to arrive, hoping it turns out as expected. This is where Thirty Six Knots differs. Our custom designs begin as a collaboration between you and our in-house Interior and Graphic Designers. From there, we communicate directly with the experienced weavers who will be making your rug. We provide a personal approach, and pride ourselves on our ability to bridge the gap of interpretation, and bring worlds together to create breathtaking work.

Share a story, word, color, or feeling, and we’ll interpret it into a design for you, or make your idea a reality. Custom design is a service we are happy to offer every customer, and we treat custom rugs as we would our own, at no cost.

Contact us for Consulting Design Services and Custom Rug Design.