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Burlap Forever Flowers Bouquet

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California Sunset: There's something so magical about a SoCal sunset. Featuring dried misty blues.

Golden Hour: When the faint sun starts transmitting an evening ray of golden and crimson radiance--that's the magical golden hour. Featuring bunny tails and misty blues, with light pink throughout the bouquet.

Lavender Dream: An arrangement that's soothing to the eyes. Featuring dried misty blues.

Baby Blues: Different shades of blues and creams. Featuring dried bunny tails, baby's breath, and misty blues.

Process: We start with real flowers, put them through a special drying process to encapsulate their peak beauty, and artfully arrange each bouquet. This tedious process takes a few weeks to fully complete.

Comes wrapped in burlap and tied with a jute bow
Every wrapped bouquet is made-to-order
Flowers may be a bit squished during the shipping process and may need gentle fluffing with your fingers to volumize them.

There may be a slight variation in flowers used in orders due to local availability. Substitutions will be of the same colour scheme and price point.

Made in the United States of America
Burlap Forever Flowers Bouquet - Thirty Six Knots -
Burlap Forever Flowers Bouquet Sale price$43.59 USD