Morihata Ceremonial Matcha Starter Set



A solemn and contemplative ritual, the Japanese tea ceremony is more than an occasion to drink matcha: it’s an opportunity for its participants to enjoy a moment suspended in time. This set includes everything you need to make your own ceremonial style matcha right at home. A bamboo whisk, bamboo scoop, handmade ceramic tea bowl, and detailed brewing instructions are all included, along with a 30g tin of Morihata Sei ceremonial-grade matcha. Meticulously designed and carefully sourced from artisans all over Japan, this is the perfect gift for tea enthusiasts and burgeoning tea masters.

Set includes:

Chasen (Bamboo Matcha Whisk)
Chashaku (Bamboo Matcha Scoop)
Chawan (Ceramic Tea Bowl)
Morihata Sei Matcha
Brewing Instruction Booklet
Materials: Bamboo, Clay, Powdered Green Tea
Dimensions: Height: 6" Width: 5 1/2"
Care: Hand wash all bamboo utensils with plain water. To clean the ceramic tea bowl, rinse by hand with a gentle detergent and wipe dry immediately after. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.
Kirishima, Japan

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