Stick Shelving System - White/White

$1,499 $2,047.50

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This storage unit is designed for those who are mobile and on the move. Cleverly designed with maximum attention to detail, the Stick System can be extended and adapted to suit any space it inhabits. Designed by Czech duo Jan Plechác and Henry Wielgus, it’s the perfect piece for your modern home.


1 x 2: 28.9"w x 22.8"h x 19.7"d

1 x 3: 28.9"w x 37.7"h x 19.7"d

1 x 4: 28.9"w x 52.5"h x 19.7"d

1 x 5: 28.9"w x 67.4"h x 19.7"d

3 x 2: 76.9"w x 22.8"h x 19.7"d

3 x 3: 76.9"w x 37.7"h x 19.7"d

3 x 4: 76.9"w x 52.5"h x 19.7"d

3 x 5: 76.9"w x 67.4"h x 19.7"d

4 x 7: 101"w x 96"h x 19.7"d

The Stick System is highly configurable. Regardless of what specific configuration you purchase, you can re-arrange the building blocks as you see fit.

Max weight capacity on each shelf: 22 lbs (10 kg).

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