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Our curated lighting collection blends versatility with aesthetics to create practical spaces that really shine. Create ambiance and atmosphere with our lighting control systems. From intuitive smart home integration to sophisticated commercial automation, take control of your lighting environment with ease and precision. Explore lights online for the finest selection of indoor lighting fixtures, LED light décor, and more in New York and Canada!

Lighting trends in North America

In recent years, lighting trends in North America have increasingly focused on blending functionality with aesthetics to create spaces that are both visually appealing and practical.

Here are some key trends:


Minimalist Designs

An instant classic, the JWDA Lamp is the kind of sculptural piece that turns heads and brings new life to a room. The contrast of the delicate, rounded glass with the sturdy metal base makes for a balanced and intriguing silhouette.

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Flexible Lighting Solutions

With sleek lines and lightweight portability (complete with USB charger), Carrie LED Lamp supplies 10 hours of battery time and may be used either as a bedside lamp, on an office desk or as an alternative to candles on the dining table.

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Natural Materials

The Octagon One Rechargeable Desk Light combines the best of simple and natural wood-effect finish to achieve its modern industrial aesthetic.

Lighting in Home Decor


Transform Your Space with Lamps: Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room with our wide selection of lamps. Our lamps provide soft, diffused lighting that helps to soften harsh overhead lighting and create a cozy and comfortable environment. Whether you're looking to relax or entertain, our lamps are the perfect addition to your space.

Hashira Table Lamp - Thirty Six Knots -

Accent Lighting

Lamps can serve as decorative accents, adding visual interest and personality to your décor. Whether you choose a statement-making floor lamp, an elegant table lamp, or a whimsical accent lamp, incorporating unique lighting fixtures can elevate the style and character of any room.

Task Lighting

Experience Optimal Lighting for Reading, Studying, and Hobbies. Placing a lamp on a desk, bedside table, or side table provides targeted lighting exactly where it's needed, enhancing productivity and reducing eye strain.

Enhance Your Bedroom with Versatile Lighting

Here's a guide to lighting for different rooms, with a focus on the bedroom and living room:

  • Place bedside lamps on each side of the bed for reading or ambient lighting. Choose lamps with adjustable brightness settings or dimmer switches for versatility.
  • If you have a desk or vanity in your bedroom, incorporate task lighting such as a table lamp or a wall-mounted fixture to provide focused illumination for activities like reading or getting ready.
  • Create a well-lit and versatile living room by incorporating multiple layers of lighting. Combine overhead fixtures, floor lamps, table lamps, and accent lighting to provide both ambient and task lighting as needed.
  • Add table lamps to side tables, console tables, or shelves to provide task lighting for reading or accent lighting for ambiance. Choose lamps with shades that diffuse light softly and complement your overall décor.