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The Kooduu Lite-up LED lamp adds a touch of style and coziness to any space. Its compact size and built-in rechargeable battery make it easy to move from room to room, while the dimmable LED light sets the mood for any occasion.Elevate your interior with the Danish-designed Kooduu Lite-up LED lamp. With its dimmable LED light and portable rechargeable battery, it's perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in any room.
Lite-up Sale price$150.22 USD

4 colors available

Make any space cozy with Kooduu Lite-up Play LED lamp. This multifunctional device has a wireless Bluetooth speaker and LED lamp, perfect for emitting warm ambient lighting while listening to your favorite music.Get the perfect mood with Kooduu Lite-up Play LED lamp. Listen to high-quality music, create warm ambient lighting and bring Nordic elegance to your interior design.
Lite-up Play Sale price$218.16 USD

4 colors available

Enjoy your favorite drinks and tunes with the Kooduu Sphere - a versatile and innovative cooler and speaker with stunning geometric design and Bright Sound Technology™.Elevate your gatherings with the Kooduu Sphere - a stylish cooler and speaker in one, with dimmable light and balanced sound for the ultimate ambiance.
Sphere Sale price$338.94 USD

2 colors available

Experience the convenience of the Kooduu Synergy - a portable Bluetooth speaker, designer lamp, and wine cooler all in one sleek and stylish package.Elevate your home entertainment with the Kooduu Synergy - the ultimate all-in-one device featuring a Bluetooth speaker, LED lamp, and wine cooler.
Synergy S Sale priceFrom $187.96 USD
Fokus table lamp by Kooduu, sleek design with adjustable dimming for versatile use.Modern Fokus lamp by Kooduu, perfect for work or reading with USB charging dock.
Fokus Sale price$150.22 USD

5 colors available

Elegant Loome table lamp by Kooduu, dimmable, with USB dock and 40-hour battery.Kooduu's Loome lamp, portable lantern design, ideal for mood setting in any interior.
Loome Sale price$165.32 USD

5 colors available

Sensa Sale price$180.41 USD

5 colors available

Compact Lite-up Play Mini by Kooduu, JBL audio, perfect mood lighting for any room.Elegant speaker lamp with JBL sound, adjustable warm light by Kooduu's Mini series.
Lite-up Play Mini
sound by JBL
Sale price$301.19 USD

4 colors available

Kooduu's Lite-up Play: A JBL-powered audio-visual masterpiece. Boasts clear, robust sound and adjustable warm white light. Perfect for any mood.JBL-powered Lite-up Play by Kooduu, Scandinavian speaker lamp with warm ambiance.
Lite-up Play
sound by JBL
Sale price$361.58 USD

4 colors available

Enhance the ambiance of your home with Kooduu Glow 10 candle holder. This modern candle holder exudes simplicity, giving any décor an elegant touchLooking for a safer and more durable alternative to traditional candles? Try Kooduu Glow 10 candle holder, compatible with the Kooduu rechargeable Shine LED candle.
Glow 10 Sale price$74.73 USD

6 colors available

Elevate your home décor with the Kooduu Glow 08 Flameless Candles. This luxury candle holder is a safer and more durable alternative to traditional candles, thanks to its compatibility with the rechargeable Shine LED candle. With its modern, Danish-inspired design and many classy colors to choose from, it's the perfect way to add sophistication and simplicity to any space.Add a touch of elegance to your home with the Kooduu Glow 08 Flameless Candles. This Danish-inspired candle holder is compatible with the rechargeable Shine LED candle, making it safer and more durable than traditional candles. With a modern design and many classy colors to choose from, it's the perfect addition to any décor.
Glow 08 Sale price$67.18 USD

7 colors available