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Eco Gift Bows • Artisanal Natural Cotton • Neutral Tones

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Adhesive gift bows that are cute, convenient and compostable, they are a perfect eco-friendly alternative to conventional ones made of plastic. These stick-on bows are made of natural cotton ribbon that is compostable and biodegradable, the set of five come in mix of colors in a clever Kraft paper package. Made in the USA

This box includes FIVE small-to-medium sized bows in a neutral tones.

(1) 3" Cream
(1) 3" Driftwood Stripe
(1) 2 3/8" Kraft
(1) 2 3/8" Fern
(1) 2 3/8" Brown

Our artisanal ribbon factory is committed to the highest levels of sustainability, using water-based dyes and natural fiber cotton yarn that is 100% grown and dyed in the United States.

JOIN the mission to green-up gifting!

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Eco Gift Bows • Artisanal Natural Cotton • Neutral Tones - Thirty Six Knots -
Eco Gift Bows • Artisanal Natural Cotton • Neutral Tones Sale price$14.00 CAD Regular price$18.00 CAD

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