EO Ice Cream Mirror

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Ice Cream mirror is a playful and decorative wall piece that is inspired by one of our favourite foods. The slim dimensions make it easy to place in almost any room, to add personality and humor to your home.

The mirror comes in various colours: Warm Rose, Smoked Grey, Ocean Blue, Exotic Green and Hazel Brown.

Designers: Tor & Nicole Vitner Servé

Dimensions: L57 x W22 cm / L22.4 x 8.7 x D0.4”

Material: High quality mirror glass, untreated fine European oak

Variants: Warm Rose, Smoked Grey, Ocean Blue, Exotic Green, Hazel Brown.

Made in: EU

Sustainability: At EO we believe in the importance of sustainable consumer culture. Therefore we have made it our mission to create products with a timeless design, produced in high quality & certified materials. By investing in a high-quality product with a timeless design you are investing in a product that can have a place in your home for the rest of your life and even can be passed on for generations.

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