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Fatboy Transloetje

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It's the inside that counts.

Transloetje is inspired by Grandma's table lamp but reinterpreted and redesigned to fit perfectly in these modern days. Transloetje proved to be an instant hit. No wonder because with its versatile and highly decorative character it looks stunning both on and off.

Unlike the Edison The Petit lamp, the Fatboy Transloetje lamp shows its true colors. Eight radiant colors to be exact. No wonder the Edison the Petit lamp is jealous! This old-fashioned design with a modern Fatboy twist has many desirable qualities for a lighting device: energy-saving LED light, portable, for indoor & outdoor, highly decorative and wireless! With three brightness options, the Fatboy Transloetje lamp turns on by a simple touch on its base. What a brilliant addition to your home! Each Fatboy Transloetje lamp has a dazzling translucent shade that will put some color in your life.


9.8 x 6.3 in / 25 x 16 cm
2 lbs / 1 kg
Li-polymer / 3.7v
20 hours to 8 hours
Fatboy Transloetje - Thirty Six Knots -
Fatboy Transloetje Sale price$134.85 USD