Morihata Karmi Wooden Tea Canister, Ju Sumi (Black)



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The Tsumugi wooden Tea Canister is a stunning example of Japanese minimalism and their fine craftsmanship. The remarkable wood turning techniques and lacquer finish is native to the Yamanaka region of Japan. Handcrafted with the Japanese cherry birch wood, each piece goes through an intensive manufacturing process which begins with naturally drying and smoking out the moisture from the wood. After being dried and smoked, they are thinned, carved, then covered with a thin layer of lacquer 5-10 times over the course of a year. Every piece is lightweight and has its own characteristic of the natural wood grain pattern.

Designer/Maker: Gato Mikio Shoten
Origin: Yamanaka, Japan
Materials: Japanese cherry birch wood with a lacquer finish
Dimensions: 3.7/8" x 1.3/4" H
Care: Rinse with natural soap or water
NOT microwave or dishwasher safe

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