KINTO FARO Coffee Dripper & Mug 230ml

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With a sleek, stackable design, this coffee dripper set is perfect for brewing a single cup of coffee in any carefully curated space. Whether in a home, hotel or restaurant, FARO is the simple, elegant choice. The double-walled ceramic mug retains heat while keeping your fingers safe from burning. FARO uses a removable stainless steel filter for easy cleaning, less waste and a delicious, full bodied cup of coffee.
  • Capacity: 230 ml (7.8 oz)
  • Height: 14.7 cm, Diameter: 8.4 cm
  • Porcelain Ceramic Mug, Dripper and Lid
  • Stainless Steel Filter
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Made in Japan

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