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KINTO Plant Pot 201 - 140mm

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Take your plants to a higher level (literally) with the hanging Plant Pot 201. The round shape, combined with a textured finish, gives the look of ceramic so it can easily blend in with your studio apartment decor. The pot is made of durable, light-weight polypropylene plastic - making it resistant to accidental plant tumbles as well as keeping it easy on your ceilings (or wherever your decide to hang it).



Plant Pot 201 has two main pieces: the inner container and outer cover. The inner container has a drainage hole, which allows for proper drainage and encourages healthy and lush plant growth. The sleek stainless steel wire is adjustable so you can keep your plant just out of the reach of Whiskers. Happy planting!

KINTO Plant Pot 201 - 140mm - Thirty Six Knots -
KINTO Plant Pot 201 - 140mm Sale price$32.32 USD